Trade with the bottom

Longer post here
Half PPR

The bottom two teams have CMC and Barkley What kind of offer from my team do you think would be a lower offer but still have a chance?

My team (4-2)
Kamara, Mixon, Patterson, Harris, Murray
Allen, Diontae, AB, Thielen, Meyers

Team 1 (1-5)
Teddy B, Wilson
Barkley, Gibson, Carson, Darrel Williams, Hines
Lamb, Golladay, Ruggs, DPJ
Seals-jones, Goedert

Team 2 (2-4)
Lamar, Lawrence
CMC, Edmonds, Gaskin, Collins
Jefferson, AJ. Brown, Boyd, Julio
Henry, Gesicki

It feels like either could use a two for one to help fix some issues. I was thinking along the lines of giving Patterson/Harris plus like Meyers/AB for one of them

Figured with the Bye problems and injuries they need wins bad and I could try and get one while I can without losing my main 2 in Kamara and Mixon but is it actually worth it with both being questionable on their returns?

Feel free if you see any other ideas you like looking at rosters. Always appreciated!

Before I even saw your thoughts after listing the rosters my kind went to a Patterson and AB or Thielen for one of them so I think you have the right idea. As a CMC owner last year and I would be hesitant about him (a lot of that is personal vendetta though). I think Barkley will be okay injury wise though. The ankle thing was just bad luck and seeing that he didn’t do any serious damage I think he’s more likely to hold up the rest of the season when he comes back. CMC also worries me because hamstrings are always super finicky.

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So I feel like in my position I dont need to give up both AP/Patterson so id want it to be Harris/AB or preferably Patterson/Meyers. If they counter AB/Patterson id still consider it but start low right.

Would you take that risk as me on losing either of those pairs and I guess by the sounds of it youd refer barkley to cmc?

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As long as it’s not super insultingly low then I would agree that starting low and being flexible to move up never hurts. And I wouldn’t say that what you would be offering is insulting, especially with how well Patterson has played. My philosophy is that the answer will always be no if you don’t ask.

If you’re only a one flex league then I think you would be perfectly fine losing one of those pairs of players, especially with having Kamara and Mixon. I have a similar team where I have two top 10 RBs and a solid WR core and I haven’t been afraid to swing some deals to better my starters. I think that you’re in a similar position so I say go out and see what you can make happen! That’s part of what makes fantasy fun, right?

As far as who I prefer, personally I would roll Barkley. He’s not as high upside (CMC is like having a player and a half in your lineup when he’s out there), but I feel like he’ll be at a lower reinjury risk. Ans again, I’m likely still a little salty and jaded about last year with CMC, so maybe take my personal preference with a grain of salt lol.

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