Trade Woods for Damien Harris?

I have Mixon but he’s debatable for this week, and I needed depth there anyway. Only other RBs I have are Kamara and Michel. I’m deep at WR so I can part with Woods. Several waiver claims in but looking for other options. Team with Harris is short at WR. Full PPR. Thoughts? Thanks!

They don’t seem to trust Harris on passing downs. He’s going to be touchdown dependent.

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Woods has not been great either though, but he’s at least better than most of the WRs on the team with Harris. Guy’s got 5 other RBs and hasn’t played Harris last 2 weeks — he’s not parting with J Taylor and any of the others I feel I would be overpaying for by a good amount.

If Mixon plays or one of my claims goes through that buys me a little time but Kamara’s bye is next week.

Bolden is free and liable to score as much this coming week.

Any other trade targets? I liked Harris going into the season but it hasn’t looked great so far. I know options are getting thin.

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I had a trade for Henderson rejected already. Only other things I can find are maybe overpaying the same guy for Javonte or going for Jamaal Williams. I’m reluctant to package 2 of my WRs to get a bigger RB (I also have Keenan, Deebo, Cooks and Meyers) but it may come to that, and even there choices are limited. Guy with Henderson also has Chubb and Ekeler and only 3 WRs so that could be something. I have claims in for Perine, Damien Williams and Carter.

Like Jamaal better but I wouldn’t give up extra unless its expendable.

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No, wouldn’t give up extra for Jamaal. Was hoping for just a 1 for 1 deal but that’s looking not very likely.

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Just noticed there’s an outside shot maybe straight up Woods for Jacobs — guy’s got a bunch of WRs, only one of whom is ahead of Woods (Hopkins), but would only leave him with Dalvin, Singletary and Gainwell at RB.

Jacobs already banged up.

McVay said today he needed to get Woods more involved as well.

“This guy’s a stud in every sense of the word. It is important to be able to get a handful of guys involved. That’s something that I always want to continue to be intentional about. I think that’s one of the benefits that we do have is we’ve got five eligibles. Want to be able to spread that wealth while also making sure that sometimes I’m calling plays where guys are the primary and the coverage doesn’t necessarily dictate where the read goes. So, when Robert’s involved, that’s a good thing for the Rams offense. That’s something that we want to continue to see displayed, but Robert is a leader, he’s a captain and he’s been doing a great job up to this point. We just need to get him some more opportunities and that starts with me.”

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So ended up getting Perine off waivers, that at least covers me for now if Mixon sits. Still should pursue a trade, no non-RB left that’s poor enough to release outright (barring season ending injury) and use waivers again.