Trade worth considering/pushing for?

I have Chubb and wondering if I can/should leverage an opponent’s Seahawks fandom for the following trade.

Give: Carson and Engram
Get: Hunt and Kelce

For context, his current RB group is Switft, Hunt, and Gibson… that’s it
Giving away Carson would leave me with Chubb/Hunt handcuff, David Johnson, and then more depth plays with Montgomery, Dobbins, and K. Johnson

I also have solid WR for flex: Thomas, Golladay, Cooper, Woods, Edelman

Is asking for Kelce here too much? He also has Hunter Henry. His WR are also fairly week, so could do Carson + Cooper or Woods for Hunt/Kelce.

Thoughts appreciated!

I was going to say I doubt he’ll accept that, then I saw that he literally has nothing for RBs.

I’d say do it.

Does it seem “fair”?
Does it leave me weak RB if my 1 and 2 are Chubb and Johnson?

Would you offer Engram or one of the WRs?