Trade WR for DJ?

I have alot of depth at WR and looking to add a RB. Is DJ Moore/Chark/or McLaurin for David Johnson a good deal.

My team:
RBs- CMC, Sanders, Hunt, Taylor, Gibson
WRs- Golladay, Godwin, AJ Brown, McLaurin, Moore, Chark, Claypool

DJ Owner
RBs- Henderson, Davis, DJ, Fournette, Murry, Mattison, Scott
WR-Hill, Evans, Woods, Hollywood

Bump please

I doubt youll be able to get him away Davis is going to be gone soon with cmc and that leaves DJ as his best back and hes not hurting crazy for WR. If you could pull it off for any of those guys you have the depth to do it but i dont think you really need to

Thanks for the advice.

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Hey @dbmville, Someone just dropped Gaskin so imma try and pick him up and drop Chark. What do you think?

Chark had a ton of targets and is probably going to look a little better than he has going forward.

Is sanders IR illegible for you yet? if you can not drop someone that way and grab him obviously do that. if not i think id drop Moore before chark with the number anderson has put up theres less certainty in my mind about Moore

But gaskin is for sure worth rostering

If i was you id try to pair a gibson and one of your wrs to upgrade a 2-1 you have really solid depth

@dbmville My league doesn’t do IR spots even though I begged for it this yr because of Covid. Plus my league mates so think too highly of Gibson or WFT players in general. May end if he had a great game i could sell high as part of a package.

But in deciding btw my DJs. I get that Chark is slotted as the 1 and Moore has slipped to the 2 it seems. But Chark has been injured off and on and Moore has more boom games. What do you think? Would you still drop Moore over Chark?

I see the thought both ways its really a personal choice but if it was me id be keeping chark hesitantly but i could be bias because i also have chark on one of my teams. but Moore has pissed everyone off and i think id be alright with it. For sure id be making some offers 2-1 to see if you can get a spot with out losing that value in a drop

Damn I’ve been trying. My is usually hesitant to trade because everyone feels like their team is good until it isn’t. Or they really want the better of the deal. For example, for a RB like Montgomery they’d want Golladay and Sanders. Those are ppl I deal with.

holy cow well thats just not how things work in reality you must just basically never have trades.

That said you know your getting a good player on waivers so losing the trade if not by that much might still be worth it but yeah if theres no real chance for that Moore is the drop for me

Hey @dbmville, I’m the one who’s usually offering trades trying to get movement going in the league. He counted my initial offer of Moore for DJ with Hunt for DJ. I’ll offer his choice of Moore or Chark with Gibson for DJ and see what he says. I doubt he go for it so I’m back to dropping a WR for Gaskins, and you’d drop Moore right?

probably should have started with the 2-1 knowing you have a tough trade partner but yeah if he doesnt go for it moore is the drop for me

If you cant trade DJ moore, that is who I would drop for Gaskin. Is there no one else that is droppable on your team?

You can’t trade Chark to anyone?

My team is: RBs: CMC, Sanders, Hunt, Taylor, Gibson
WRs: Golladay, Godwin, AJ Brown, McLaurin, Moore, Chark, Claypool

I have 2 DST in the Colts Andy Bills but I’m dropping the bills after this week since the Colts are on bye. Gaskins was just dropped so I was going to stash him through the buy before the big wavier period happens after Week 7.

Ive tried. No one wants him. Even for a spot starter like Mckinnon. My league just value enough to trade for him but I’m sure someone will pick him up if dropped.