Trade WR for RB?

In a full PPR, redraft league. Thinking about trading one of my WR for a top RB or QB

QBs: L. Jackson, J. Winston
RBs: D. Freeman, J. Jacobs, M. Sanders, K. Drake, D. Lewis
WRs: D. Adams, T. Hill, T. Lockett, D. Westbrook, D. Pettis, A. Miller
TE: T. Burton
DEF/ST: I will be streaming the position throughout the year

Should I look for a top RB or better QB?

I think you are OK for now. I would wait and see if someone like Miller or Westbrook come out the gate hot and then trade them at that point for a RB. I think your QBs are good enough to stream.

I agree with @NickDizzle2017 that you’re likely fine but you do have solid WR depth so if you can get a little more for maybe Carson, Sony, or someone like that I think it could be worth it