Trade, yay or nay?

Trade away Deshaun Watson, DeAndre Hopkins, Jalen Richard and receive Andrew Luck, JuJu, Lamar Miller.

Feel like I’m winning on the Luck and Miller side but don’t know if Hopkins is worth that. Thoughts?

Other WR are Julio, Adams, Woods, Kenny G

A very strong NO to IMO.
I’ll take the Nuk side of the trade all day everyday.

I own Juju but Ik he is no where near as valuable as Nuk. Nuk is elite whereas JuJu is top 15. Imo the rest of the trade is more or less a wash, with Luck being an upgrade over Watson but not enough to warrant losing Nuk, Miller and Richard are both meh


I wouldn’t trade away Hopkins

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Agree with this.

I will say that you’re stacked at WR, so if you’re willing to trade one I’d be after a top RB rather than another WR.

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I was leaning no myself