Trade yay or nay?

I’ve be offered a trade. I’ll get Sony Michel and I’ll give Chris Godwin and David Montgomery. I have good RB and WR depth so both are on my bench

When is the last time we were able to trust a NE back?

In redraft, I have Montgomery and Sony back to back in my rankings. I think both are solid RB2s with RB1 upside on weeks they score. So, there is no way I’d make the deal. I see it as moving laterally at RB and giving away a good WR

Have you seen Monty play in college or preseason? He’s every bit worthy of the hype. And Godwin looks very promising.

In return, you get one guy: a RB with a problematic knee. He’s definitely talented. And he’s been given a clean bill of health. But his injury history is extensive.

Some would say you’re getting fleeced. You’ll especially regret dealing Monty, I think.

I wouldn’t do it.

Dont do that trade