Trade, Yay or Nay

I’m in a 12 team ppr. A guy offered me Edelman for Bell. I countered with Bell for Beckham Jr. He then counters with Bell and Conner for Beckham Jr. ans Drake. While OBJ would be an immense upgrade at receiver, I’m not too keen on giving up Conner and Bell with the potential trade talks.

My other RB’s are Fournette, McCoy and K. Johnson.

He has Carlos Hyde rostered, so I could counter and swap him for Drake.


Regardless if Bell gets traded. He will still probably sit until week 10 because it doesn’t make sense for him to come back. He can’t get a long term contract so I doubt he would risk his health. I would just stick with what you have, IMO. I wouldn’t trade Bell and Conner for OBJ and Drake though.

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I was leaning more towards sticking with what I have.

I agree. Stick with what you have. Bell becomes more valuable each week as you get closer to him maybe playing and injuries to other RB’s mount up. I see Bell getting traded and then you have 2 RB1’s in Conner and Bell.


Thanks…I rejected the trade. I’m 1-2 but I like my matchups the next 4 weeks with byes and weaker teams I’ll be facing.