TRADE: Yeldon and Ridley for JuJu


Rb: Zeke, Ingram, Yeldon, Lamar, Tevin
WR: Thielen, Davantae, Tyler Boyd, Ridley

Should I make this trade?

do you have a flex spot? I would look for waivers for another wr. maybe package ridley and tevin for upside wr

Its 2 WR/2 RB/TE/Flex. I would have Juju in my Flex.

I also have a claim on Sanu and Geronimo.

yeldon is now a top 12 rb. So unless you can get an obj or michael thomas I wouldn’t do this

wait and see if you get one of your waiver pick ups

Isn’t the return of Fournette scary? You don’t think a guy like Juju offers more value over the remainder of the season?

Yeldon is a top 12 back for a few games until Fournette returns. I would 100% do this, and its a logical fair but smart trade.

I like that trade
If you believe Lenard Fornett comes back in 4-5 weeks than tj yelden becomes garbage
JuJu with your WR core will be solid all the way to the championship game.

He has tried to come back and keeps hurting himself. He’s great when he plays, but he was out for like half of last season. If you trade yeldon, I’d hit up the fournette owner and try to get a better wr than juju straight up

This is robbery. Take it and run.

what you guys think trading brown for zeke straight up? need help at rb.

Zeke and Ingram needs help?

that was just a question for a trade someone wants to make with me