Trade Yeldon, Lockett, Keke for Mahomes, Cook

Just got offered the following trade:
Receive: Mahomes and Dalvin Cook
Give away: Yeldon, Locket, and Keke Coutee

My QB, RB, WR, & TEs:
QB: Russell Wilson
RB: M. Gordon, L. Fournette (IR), T.J. Yeldon, D. Lewis, Buck Allen, Corey Clement, D. Foreman (IR)
WR: Thielen, Edelman, Lockett, Fitz, Enunwa, Keke Coutee
TE: T. Burton, E. Engram

10 team, 1/2 PPR, currently 2-3 & missed out on playing Clement (since I was planning on playing Yeldon).

As the Fournette owner, it makes me nervous to trade away Yeldon with no other solid RB2 for a risky D. Cook. On the other hand, I could be selling high on a temporary RB and 2 potentially over-producing WR for Mahomes, who would be an instant upgrade at QB, and Cook, who could be great if healthy.



I don’t mind this. You’re essentially dealing a stop gap RB and 2 wr flex types for #1 QB and potential solid RB. No real gamble on your end for ROS.

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