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Trade Yeldon


The Fournette owner wants Yeldon for me and offered either Tyler Boyd or Doug Baldwin. Half point and current rb’s are mcaffrey and zeke . Haven’t had consistet play out of my wr’s Fitzgerald, Marvin Jones or amari cooper


You can sell him for much higher than that. Im a Fournette owner looking for Yeldon. You should try to get Boyd and an RB back


It’s suggested that Fournette wont be cleared to play until after their Week 9 bye. That’s 3 more weeks of production and I believe you can get more than that for Yeldon, especially from the Fournette owner.


You should get more back for Yeldon than that. Yeldon is in the RB1 conversation when Fournette is out (news today is he might be out till week 9). Boyd and Baldwin are WR2s at best.