Trade - Yes/No

Trade Burton and Royce for Carlos Hyde?

I absolutely would. Hyde isn’t just having a good couple of weeks, he’s clearly a bellcow in an offense that’s moving well. He’s killing it in our league - I’ve tried to trade for him a few times now - but if you can make that trade I’d be all over it for those players.

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He lost his TE end this week too so the question is would you rather trade him Burton or McDonald? (I have both)

I’d trade McD. Burton is a great option still while Truebisky continues to find his footing. It’s actually more that Big Ben has more weapons that favors his big arm - he won’t be relied on as often as Trey will.

McD is a good trade pitch considering he’s on the “up” which makes folks more willing to accept. I’m always one for consistency though, hence why I’d pick Trey any day.

Would you trade Conner to Bell owner for Hyde or Breida? Conner is a ticking bomb and i’m trying to deal him out for a solid RB to pair with M. Gordon

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I would trade Conner for Hyde for sure. Hyde will be a much more consistent offensive piece than Conner will even before the Bell tolls.

I’m 4-0 and Bell owner has Ingram, Hyde, Yeldon and Breida. I tried to offer Conner for Ingram and he didn’t budge. Bell isn’t a sure thing this year…who knows what’s going to happen to him. Should I try to deal Conner for Yeldon and Hyde? I could surely ride out whatever Conner has left in the next few weeks but I rather have a solid replacement

Oh damn. That’s some serious depth he’s got. Dang. I’m more one to pick Hyde over Yeldon but it’s honestly a toss up. Not sure you could go wrong both ways but at least with Hyde you won’t have any competition that relies on Fournette’s injuries to make something happen. That’s my thought process, but I think you’ll see a good amount of both over the weeks, just in different ways (Yeldon = higher ceiling, lower floor / Hyde = lower ceiling, higher floor). I’d maybe ride Conner one more week especially against Falcons?

It’s important to note here that I’m referencing my 1/2 PPR league

Update on my situation (since this is my thread and all lol) He denied my trade and wants McDonald and will only give me Ekeler. Idk… Do I accept? Im not a Gordon owner.

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1/2 ppr here as well. I don’t think I’d give up Conner for a 1 for 1. I’d try to get Yeldon along with Hyde. As much as I want to believe that Bell won’t play this year I don’t know if i want to risk losing Conner’s current value. Will likely ride it out this week and hope for a huge game

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I’d ask him if there’s anything you have that he’d be willing to trade for then. I’d still keep Trey since it’s hard to find anything even close to comparable in TE right now. I thought about picking Ekeler up but the dude hasn’t lived up to any of my expectations. He’s currently sitting as a FA.

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That’s a good call. I’d do that. See what happens.

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