Trade Z. Elliot for A. Cooper and D. Cook?

std scoring, my other RB’s are T. West, C. Hyde , and D. Henery. My WR’s are M. Evans, D. Adams. K. Golliday and P. Garcon. GO!!

That’s not a bad trade but your still pretty weak at rb big boost at wr could be great deal if zeke goes out cook looks to be a beast. But still unsure about that offence if they are legit or not

Definitely, still not 100% sure on if Elliot with be there long term.

It’s a tempting offer but I’ having hard time balancing Cooks potential and Elliot’s future., especially with Coopers potential. I think I might wait a couple of weeks and see if he’ll still bite.

I like it given your bench. That’s gives you cooper and evans every week with plenty of options for your 3rd or flex. Looks like Minnesota really wants to use Cook so I’m confident in him. He may not give you as many good weeks as Zeke but you’re getting two good players for 1. Also, you know know how the crazy zeke saga is going to play out.

true, especially when the Vikings have adopted the zone blocking scheme.