Trade Zach Ertz?

12 man dynasty league and I’ve been offered a 2020 1st, 2020 2nd, 2021 2nd, and Dawson Knox for Zach Ertz.

Current Roster:

Aaron Rodgers
Dak Prescott

Melvin Gordon
Devonta Freeman
Derrius Guice
Chris Carson
Rashaad Penny
Damien Williams
Kalen Ballage
Dexter Willams

Stefon Diggs
Keenan Allen
Tyler Boyd
Corey Davis
Anthony Miller
Keke Coutee
DeVante Parker
Preston Williams

Zach Ertz
George Kittle
David Njoku
Tyler Eifert

what is your starting lineup? can you start both via flex? i wouldnt trade ertz for picks, i would want to get upgrades at either wr or rb.


you have 2 rb twice, is that meant to be 2 te?

whoops, fixed. 1te

I just couldnt do it if it was my team. I have to get a top end wr or rb for my top end te. Picks are great, but you know what you get from ertz, you dont know what that pick will end up being and how many years it could take the player to perform at ertz level.

Yeah, I’m just getting a little nervous about Goedert sniping TD’s. So far, there’s only one team interested in trading for Ertz and he doesn’t really have any top end anything. He’s rebuilding, so his team only consists of high upside rookies and middle of the road players.

As an Ertz owner i have no worries about goedert. I could see doing this if you were going to rebuild, but you have a solid team that i assume will compete for a title this year. losing a big part of that for the future potential isnt worth it. even if goedert takes a few tds away from ertz, hes still going to be a top te.

I will have to say that you do have Kittle as well. So unless you’re starting one in the Flex, there will always be one on your bench. Also, if you do have both Ertz/Kittle in TE/Flex spots, then guys like Guice/Carson/Williams/Boyd won’t be playing except for bye weeks/injury. Ertz is 28 right now and holds a lot of trade value. I do agree though that I would rather have players than a bunch of 2nd round draft picks for him.

Not sure if you saw, but there was also a 2020 1st round pick offered in the package, as well as Dawson Knox, who some think is somewhat Kittle like. Does that sway you one way or another?

Injuries do happen, what if kittle goes down, what if one of these other rb/wrs go down. Hell i dont think this is the case, but what if kittle doesnt reproduce his breakout year? It wouldnt be the first time a player has blown up only to never come close to repeating that production.

all i know is, if one of these situations happened id be pretty upset i let a stud go for a bunch of picks. Might just cost you the playoffs/title.

Yeah, I get all of that, but the same things mentioned for Kittle could also happen to Ertz. I love Ertz and he almost single handedly won me the championship last year, so this a really tough decision for me. I’m just trying to stay ahead of the curve. I’m fairly new to dynasty, so I’m having a hard time deciding between riding studs to extinction, or trading them before they fall off.

TEs are notorious for having slow starts to their career. Also, to be fantasy relevant he would have to crack the top 12 consistently. What did you think of Trey Burton’s value in fantasy football last season? Kind of disappointing right? Well he finished as TE7 in HPPR last year. Besides the top 2-3 TEs, they usually finish about even. You’ll every now and then have players like Kittle/Ebron last year that breakout but I’m not giving up the TE2 for a guy who could maybe be decent in the future. Yes you get a first round but that’s really the only big value I see in this trade, but we don’t even know if that’s an early or late round pick. Which is why if I was going to trade Ertz, I’d want to get someone I knew was going to produce.

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It wasnt until i started “trying to win now and quit looking at the future” that i started consistently winning in my dynasty leagues. You have to find the balance between the two, which is why i stated, you need to get a top wr/rb for him. Im not saying you have to go get elliot/julio but you have to replace talent with talent and then try and get depth/picks in addition to the talent you are swapping.

I do my best to get as many studs on my team as i can, if they sit on bench then they sit on the bench. I at least dont have to worry about injury then.

Then when its nearing the playoff time and an desperate owner needs just 1 piece to make the playoffs i sell off a player for a kings ransom.

Also consider that another owner that isnt currently interested in ertz may become interested because of injury or needing an upgrade at te and can sacrifice a decent wr/rb to get him from you.

OK, you guys have talked me off the ledge. I was trying to trade Ertz for Nuk, but negotiations broke down. I think I’ll sit tight, at least until later in the season.

Not even close enough for Ertz.