Trade Zeke and Metcalf

Should I trade Zeke and Metcalf for Fitzgerald and OBJ? I am 1-4 currently. My other RBs are Michel, Singletary, Drake and R. Freeman. My WRs are Allen, Woods, Alshon and Sutton. My WRs haven’t been consistent add that to Sony not doing much it puts me in a tough spot. I have Kyler as my QB to pair with Fitz… I could possible include Sutton for Hunt…

Hell no. Who are you going to play at RB?


Absolutely do not take that trade. Michel has had a slow start but is in a prime position to have a great week 6. Singletary is a good RB and will be productive down the stretch. Metcalf is a rising star on the Seahawks; I believe his consistency will rise in the coming weeks.

P.S. Zeke alone is worth Fitz and OBJ (maybe more)

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Thanks for the feedback, I was 50-50 on it for just Zeke for OBJ and Fitz and for the fact offer comes from the only undefeated team left and I don’t want to help him out at all but thanks again I just needed some outside input. Sucks having such a great team on paper and starting out 1-4 but time to buckle down and ride it out like i did last year!

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Not a problem. I feel your pain, I’m 2-3 with a team that also looks great on paper but has underperformed thus far. But there’s nothing worse than trading away a player who blows up afterwards. Stick to your guns!

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You’re gonna have to be a Matchup Monster, and a Waiver Wire Warrior, my man. Mindset: undefeated from here on to squeek in or spoil someone’s year with a late surge. All of the previous advice from @ryanchaparian and @sdatkins is right on. At this point there’s no predictable consistency on your waivers I’d imagine. Buckle in and ride the waves bro. Diligence. Injury news. Sneaky matchups. You don’t have a full time job or a life or anything right? Lol, jk. Good luck brother :muscle:

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Thank you all. Last season I started 1-5 but buckled down and made the playoffs on route to 3rd place, the league loves that I am losing but I do plan on ruining someone’s parade if I cannot make it to the playoffs this year!