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Trade Zeke for Brandin Cooks and Freeman?


My other RBs are David Johnson, Ingram, Jacquizz Rodgers, and Tevin Coleman. My WRs are Davante Adams, Diggs, Corey Coleman, Devante Parker, and Cobb. But I just did a trade where I sent Corey Coleman and received Dez and Mixon. I also have Gronk. Full point PPR


I’d say go for it while you still have the Jacquizz safety valve for the next 3 weeks, but ending up with Brandin Cooks, Dez Bryant, Joe Mixon, and Devonta Freeman sounds like a winning combination to me. Especially with the David Johnson situation being so unclear.

Plus with the potential Parker break out sounds like you still have some good prospects going forward as well.