Trade Zeke for Brown? PPR

Have Zeke, Kamara and Melvin Gordon in PPR.

Need WR help (Hill - Q, Tate and Agholor - bye) only left with Tyler Lockett.

Would you trade away Zeke for Brown? Or, maybe give Jalen Richard or Aaron Jones to get Edelman or Kupp?

I like Zeke for Brown forsure.

I’d also see if you can throw in Agholor and get some sort of RB2 back as well though. Don’t push it though, the original trade is a good offer.

Yes absolutely…however, nobody in the right mind would trade away Brown for just zeke. Its gunna take a good package deal to get Brown. You can try Jones for Edelman, thats about it from this list though.

Absolutely. You have the other RBs to keep your points going and AB does nothing but get targets. Heck yeah go for it

They are pretty weak at RB… I am not sure I want any of theirs…

Ty Mont (now to ravens)
Buck Allen
Chris Ivory

Ya that’s gross… Haha ok go for Zeke - Brown

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Strangely Fantasy Pros has this negatively affecting me and it’s throwing me off…


Screw the power rankings/projections. You could use WR help and you have two RB studs left to hold you up big time.

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ya those are simply projections and should be taken lightly.

If you can get Brown for Zeke, I think that’s a good deal regardless of your WR situation.

Yes, I know that. It just has me tilting my head.

What about standard scoring ?

I think it’s probably a more even trade in a standard format league.

Even in standard, I might prefer AB. Zeke just isn’t really scoring much cause of how bad that offense is.