Trade zeke for diggs and James white?

Someone offered me diggs and James white for zeke???

its all situational, when is your playoff structure, zeke comes back week 16. if you have a 14-17 or a 15-17 schedule i might not do that if you can get to the semifinal round. if your playoffs are like mine and are only 14-16 ide trade away zeke for diggs and james white, as long as it isnt a keeper league, zeke is too good of a keeper to trade away.

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Is this a keeper? If so I would say no and keep zeke. Redraft I would hit auto accept!!!

No it’s a redraft and zeke comes back week 16 against the Seahawks, but thanks!

Run and accept I think.

i offered same type of trade but wayyy more value for zeke…fool did not accept. He won’t make final and our final week 17. It depends. WILL you get to the final…I thought he came back 17 BUT I have not checked since suspended