Trade Zeke for Freeman

I’m 6-2 and have zeke, another guy is 4-4 wants to trade me devonta Freeman straight up 12 team half ppr. What would you do?

That’s rough bro this new ATL offense hasn’t been Freeman friendly and coleman is a shark at poaching Td’s and Redzone touches, i don’t know you’re losing zeke for 6 weeks though potentially. I’d Do it and pick up one of the dallas backups as well checkout this guys chances of making the playoffs you wouldn’t waana have to face zeke anywhere in that stretch. But if he’ll have zeke safely outside the playoff bracket that’s anpther positive part of this trade the next question is can the rest of your roster sustain your winning record cause if they can holding zeke might be the better option. If you’ll NEED another active RB to keep you trucking then you should make this move but 12 teams are usually very competitive so im leaning towards taking this trade