Trade Zeke for Gibson?

12 team ppr and looking to possibly trade Zeke for Gibson. Looking at the strength of schedule and the way the Cowboys offense is not producing anything with Dak it seems that this trade would be good for me and Gibson is sitting on the last place teams roster so Zeke wouldn’t come back to hound me in the playoffs. What’s your thoughts?

What to do with Zeke? The struggle is real. I managed to trade him for Chubb, I had to throw in Holloywood Brown, but I have no regrets yet. If Chubb doesn’t come back strong (and hopefully this week) I may end up losing some matchups, but I wanted out of the Cowboys implosion.

If I were targeting Gibson I feel like I might try to get another flex player in addition, but I completely understand the doubt over the Cowboys right now and depending on what you need to make the playoffs, I think a trade for some reliable points makes sense. I’m not sure if Gibson is truly reliable, but most weeks the volume has been there.