Trade - Zeke Involved

Was just offered a trade — I give up Zeke and Fulgham for Godwin, Montgomery and Slayton.

Would make my team:
RB — A Jones, Montgomery, McKissic, Moss, plus Mostert on IR
WR — A Robinson, McLaurin, Godwin, Slayton, Beasley, T Patrick, plus Lazard on IR

Full PPR. What do you think? TIA

Bumping this - he has Gibson, ask for Gibson instead of Montgomery? Would give me 3 members of WAS O rather than 2 from CHI O.

I don’t like any of the players you’re getting in that trade. I would still start Zeke over Monty every week and Fulgham looks to be more consistent than Godwin, but I’d say those two are sixes. Slayton is a player who’s available on most waivers at this point. I wouldn’t trust him at all.

I think if you’re going to trade Zeke, you should be targeting a low-end WR1 or high-end RB2. David Johnson, if he’s healthy this week, might not be a bad target. Or maybe offer Zeke for MT after his mediocre first game back.

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Funny enough, the guy offering the trade does have MT but I don’t think he’ll trade him. I had made a previous offer to him of Zeke and Fulgham for J Robinson and Woods, he turned that down, so I doubt he’ll give up MT. He also has Gibson and M Sanders at RB and Antonio Brown, Reagor and Golladay at WR. Starting to think there’s not really a trade to be made here and I should seek other pastures if I want to unload Zeke.

I would consider trading Zeke for Miles Sanders. That’s a fair trade. Sanders is a 3-down back. But the offer he’s making you is kind of a rip off, to be honest. Montgomery is a terrible runner. I wouldn’t be surprised if he lost his starting role before the end of the season.

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Thank you, the concussion did worry me, as did the quality of the CHI O, plus Godwin getting “lost” in the shuffle of so many targets in TB. Just wasn’t sure if I maybe was missing something that would make the trade viable as is. Gotta pick a WR of his to go with it – I can try Woods again but maybe Golladay is more likely.

It depends on his record. If I had his team and 6+ wins, I’d probably be more willing to let Woods go and hope that Golladay comes back healthy and plays like a WR1 again. In my actual situation (4-5), I actually have both of those players and I’m not letting Woods go for anything less than a WR1/high-end RB2. I need wins NOW, so I’d be more inclined to trade Golladay.

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Our league is doing things a little differently – we got stuck with an odd number of teams so we’re doing highest point total each week and highest total points for the season. I’m in 9th place, he’s in 7th, about 20 points ahead of me. He’ll want a credible WR back for Woods or Golladay – I’m not parting with McLaurin so that’s either A Robinson or Fulgham. Might be leaning more towards offering Robinson now.

Received another couple of potential offers from other teams. Both would be Zeke and either A Robinson or Fulgham for:

— Gurley and Diggs (he may try to talk down to JuJu)
— Jacobs and AJ Brown

I would do one of those trades. Especially the second option. The first one would have to be Diggs. I wouldn’t do it if it’s JuJu.