Trade Zeke & Perine for Gaskin & Fulgham?

Do I trade Zeke & Perine for Gaskin & Fulgham? 12 team full PPR

RB’s are: C Carson, D Mont.
WR’s are: Keenan, Chark, S Shepard, Corey Davis.

Feel like I’m hesitant but getting caught up on Zekes name. His schedule is BRUTAL

I have been offered ZEKE and DJ chark for justin jackson and AJ brown. Not sure what to do either. Schedule for ZEKE is bad, QB is bad, offense is bad but it is still ZEKE although his touches have gone down

Crazy that we’re even debating these trades haha. Yours is tough… AJ Brown is a beast. Minshew out probably hits Charks value even more which is scary.