Team mate put Mike Williams and Waller on the trade block… See below for my team see if its worth offering him anyone and who you would offer.

QB - Tom Brady
WR 1 - Deandre Hopkins
WR 2 - Justin Jefferson
RB 1 - Derrick Henry
RB 2 - Najee Harris
TE - Jared Cook
Flex - Allen Robinson II
Flex - Diontae Johnson
DEF - Washington

BE -
Ja’Marr Chase
Tony Pollard
Will Fuller V
Tyson Williams
C. Patterson
Jamaal Williams

Waller is the one you should target. Where is the owner weak? I would start by offering Chase for Waller straight up. But I’m assuming that if he’s got Williams on the block, he must be strong at WR. I don’t think you can afford to give up Henry or Harris. If you can’t get Waller for Chase, I’d be willing to give up Jefferson for Waller and hope that I can plug Chase in and get this crazy production from him all year. TE is a wasteland if you don’t have a top 3. You have an opportunity to go get one so I say do it.


I would give Jared Cook for Waller and the Washington D for Mike Williams. You can always pick up another D on the waiver wire, and Washington isn’t doing that well anyway.

What owner would ever trade Waller for Jared Cook or Mike Williams for a DST though?

He has to be trolling …

He does have Kupp and Theilen so plenty of WR depth on his end. Dont think I want to give him Jefferson as it would make his team better than mine, dont you think ?

I just suggest the trades; finding a trading partner is on him.