Traded a bunch this offseason. What are my chances

I was able to acquire Luck, Brown, Kelce, Kupp, Golladay was 1.02 and 1.03 this year. Thoughts going forward?

my only complaints are, you are relying on bell landing somewhere, or anywhere for that matter (i know he probably will but there is a world where no one offers him what he wants and he holds out or takes a deal but doesnt play his hardest because he is “underpaid”) thats not one im super worried about but there is a little bell in the back of my head going off. and im not in love with your depth after bell either. we really dont know how guice will be yet, he is still basically a rookie in that sense. drake i dont have faith in right now, but i need to do some research on the new HC to see if maybe he will use him like he should be used. foreman is kind of the same as guice, but worse because its been for longer and he has competition. mcguire is what he is, just a guy. warren COULD be good but i expect the raiders to draft an RB, maybe even in the first round. and ito is kind of the same, he could be good depending on how things shake out with coleman. so too many questions there. and, my only other complaint is TEs. if kelce gets hurt, or on his bye week… youre kind of just screwed there.

the good news, as much as im not in love with your RB depth at the moment, there are a lot of solid RBs coming out, and you will be guaranteed 2 of the top 3 if you so choose. i honestly think your chances are really good if a few things shake out your way at your RB depth, and if you get at least one guy that goes to a good spot in the draft at RB. but really, im over reacting a little with your depth. i only listed the bad things so it sounds worse than it is. i expect bell to come back and play like bell. i expect guice to be a solid RB2 at least. i think drake will benefit from the HC change. i just know that all the things can go wrong at once, as i have had that team before lol. so thats my suggestion, get one more guy in the draft to give you the best odds to be successful at RB, and use the other at WR because although i like all the players you have, a few injuries and youre boned.