Traded A. Thielen+L. McCoy for A. Cooper

Half PPR what do you think Footclan?
RBs: C. McCaffrey, D. Henry, T. Coleman.
WRs: K. Allen, T.Y. Hilton, A. Cooper, J. Gordon, T. McLaurin, A. Robinson.

kinda weak on your RB’s I honestly would look to package your WR’s now for another RB but thats just me.

is your league a 10 or 12 team league??

help with mine plz

Yeah, I’m Looking to pick up Gallman (NYG), Williams (KC) or Jamal Williams (GB) meanwhile, Coleman is set to return after the Bye.

I think you should flex Carson, Rashad Penny is out and he had only a bad day last week with the fumble. Also, RBs are more productive in a standard league format.