Traded D.Murray for someone like A.Cooper?

I have Murray and I cj Anderson, fournette, Doug Martin, Abdulla, kamara, Allen as my RBs and I have green, D.thomas, K.Allen and Brandon Marshall as my WRs… I’m worried about Murray should i try and trade him to the david Johnson owner he’s WRs I would be interested are amari copper or ty Hilton. What do y’all think?

I think our RB situation is very solid, but the idea of that trade happening straight up is unrealistic. Murray is in big trouble in my opinion and selling him will be hard if he isn’t bundled with something else. I think TY might happen as an even trade but he would be on your bench until Luck got back… also is this PPR?

Hard pass on Hilton. Maybe Cooper, but he’s very frustrating. Disappears quite a bit.

Yes it is a full point ppr league

You think he will go if I tag buck Allen along?

If he had DJ, he may be desperate for a RB. Start with Murray straight up for Coop and see what happens.

Tried, he’s being hesitant

Did you try pairing with Buck Allen yet, he’s getting a lot of hype and out snapping West. Otherwise wait and see if Abdullah does anything tonight and try that with Murray.