Traded Dalvin Cook for Lev Bell

Pulled the trigger earlier today on acquiring Lev Bell for Dalvin Cook straight-up. Standard, 10 team league, I have Melvin Gordon, Kenyan Drake, Tevin Coleman as my RB’s and Flex while Bell is out.

I feel pretty good about this, all things considered. How SHOULD I be feeling?

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I made this exact same trade, I have RB1 Zeke, and RB2 as Marahawn now. Receivers are Marvin Jones, Landry, A.Cooper, and JuJu.

Once Bell comes back I think he will be able to dominate the RB position. If you get to keep him next year then that is also added value.

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Bravo, enjoy your season

I’m at the other side of the table. Owning Bell and considering to send a trade offer to the Cook owner who also has Conner.