Traded Damien for Chubb. Is he a start over Carson?

For my RB’s I have McCaffrey, Carson, and Ekeler (with the addition of the newly acquired Nick Chubb) . Carson has been shaky, and the matchup with Ekeler vs the Dolphins is a must start (personally). Should I play Chubb over Carson?

This week, Chubb is going up against a solid Baltimore Defense.
Carson is going against Arizona.
Please send help!

Much thanks footclan

I would go Carson. And I would personally try to trade Carson and one of your WR’s for a WR1, or Ekeler for a WR1. You have 4 good RB’s no need to leave 1 on the bench every week. I personally would try to trade Ekeler, because his value is so high right now and will go down once Gordon comes back. I’d get a WR1 for him while you can.

Who do you think?
My WR’s are: Julio, Tyreek Hill, Amari Cooper, Mike Williams, Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp, and Hollywood Brown

Is this a 8 man league? How are you stacked at RB and WR? Or do you just play with a bunch of dummies? Haha

I would personally try to trade Carson with Woods or Kupp for another top end WR, even though personally you don’t really need it. Maybe you are weak at QB or TE and you should trade for that?

This is an 8 man standard ahah. I forgot to mention that.
QB is Dak
TE is Engram

I would try to find a team weak at RB to trade Carson to that is strong at receiver and try to pair him with one of your good but not great receivers Woods, Kupp, Brown and get another stud WR, even though you already have Julio and Cooper (with Hill coming back).

Another thought is you could go after the Maholmes owner if he is weak anywhere. Pair Dak with a RB or WR if he is weak at a spot. It’s a long shot but that is somewhere that would definitely improve your team.

Mahomes owner’s roster:
QB: Mahomes and Wilson
RB’s: Zeke, Derrick Henry, Sony Michel,
WR’s: Cooks, Josh Gordon, Mecole Hardman, Alshon Jeffery, Jarvis Landry
TE’s: Delanie Walker and Hayden Hurst
K: Zuerlein
DEF: Min and Cle

Is Dak and Amari for Mahomes an option.

@BoltzHomer I like that pair honestly. I feel like it’s good for points and hasn’t let me down. Only loss of the season came to the Mahomes owner, so I’m a tad skeptical for trading some pieces. After we drafted, I was told that my team was the worst, yet I have the most points, highest point differential, and am in first place, so I really wanna prove a point that my team isn’t trash and beat them with my team that I drafted (only made three changes to the roster. Two waiver pickups and a trade.) I know it’s not realistic that my team will be great all season, I just need to either convince myself, or get a pretty good haul tbh

I personally would try to trade Dak and Amari or Dak and Kupp/Woods for Mahomes. He needs WR depth.

AHHHH I just like the connection they have and the points I get from both of them. He has Zeke as well, so if I give him Dak and Cooper, he’ll have one helluva big three