Traded for Aaron Jones!

I just flipped Doyle and Boyd for Aaron Jones. I have Kittle as my starting TE.

I dig it (without knowing your depth)

My WR’s are Theilen, Sanders, MVS, Cooper, and Golladay

Did you need an RB? Likely a very strong move regardless. I actually like your WR’s personally. Might grab a waiver guy like Anthony Miller (if he’s there) though. I’m surprised so many say he’s available - he was like a somewhat early draft pick in my league! This league I landed in this season’s is intensely paranoid and just obnoxious though. Around 90% of trades have been vetoed by these strangers, all but a couple of which were only moderately lopsided or totally even, and none of which were remotely close to collusion suspects. Def looking for a new league soon…hell maybe I should look now. Open to invites to leagues that are super active and have $$ on the line

my RB’s are David Johnson, Cook, Lewis, and Chubb. I now have Aaron Jones added to that so I like the extra depth.

Wow thats a solid RB lineup too, well done!

That’s a steal if McCarthy finally gets a clue about Jones’ talent level. You’d assume last weeks success would be enough but this is Mike McCarthy. I just traded Jones and McDonald to a very disgruntled DJ owner and also brought back Ebron who I then traded for Gronk. Johnson had a huge game but Jones scored 1 more pt in our league. Not sure if I’d Rather have Jones at this point. After the Montgomery move, I felt like Jones became McCarthy proof. If that holds true he’s gonna go off down the stretch and score a ton of points for your team. Congrats!

Thanks! I hesitated with this owner on a Boyd for Fournette trade and he ended up taking AP for him instead. One day later I was able to pull this off!