Traded for Cook. Thoughts?

10 Team PPR, Money League. Sitting at 6-0, so I am fairly comfortable, I probably should have opened with maybe just Yeldon but I don’t trust Cobb to stay healthy.

Guy accepted literally a minute after I sent it.

I get: Dalvin Cook
I give: Yeldon / Cobb

Roster after trade goes through

QB: Luck
RB: Gurley / Mixon / Cook / Cohen / Freeman / Foreman (IR)
WR: Green / Funchess / Coutee / Kirk / Cole
TE: Ebron / Engram
DEF/K: Rams / Tucker

Did I just make my team better or worse?

Just one little bump.

Wr are def weak but your rbs are so stacked I don’t think it’s a huge deal. I don’t have much faith in Cobb because he’s always injured and yeldon is just a rental. Obviously it all comes down to weather or not cook gets healthy. If he can you stole him, if not you gave up a rental and a replacable wr.


With where you are sitting I’d say it’s a great trade. No reason to rest on your laurels in fantasy, you never know who will go off in playoffs (Todd gurley… still bitter)

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Yeah, outside of Green, I don’t trust my WR group. Basically just trying to grab someone from the wire who explodes but having a WW that resets to inverse of standings really sucks as the best team in the league because my odds of getting a filthy guy who breaks out is low. Definitely going to convert to a FAAB league next year.

Hoping Kirk and Coutee can become something in PPR and round my team out.

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Definitely trying to do a faab league next year too

I think Keke and Kirk both have upside. That waiver situation sucks and yeah you’ll have a rough time getting somebody good unless you pick people up preemptively. That’s hard to do with a roster like yours because you’d have to drop a decent player for a flier. Good luck