Traded for Saquon!

I just traded Darren Waller ( I have big Montana) and terry scary for saquan! I now have David Jonson Gordon and Saquon… the saquan owner is 1-2 and needs players.

We start 2 rb, 3 we, and 2 flex so I will be playing all 3 to go wit d hop, Godwin, cupp, chark / hardman

It is a full ppr

Buddy is in the same position and is about to get Waller and Chubb for Saquan

I did get saquan now trying to roll him over for bell or Julio. Is it worth it or should I sit on saquan?

I would trade for either right now. They are actually playing right now.

I’m the Saquon owner and was offered D Henry. I’m 1-2 with a strong team but need to win now. Should I do it? I have trouble believing in Henry.

I wouldn’t do it. After this week in Atlanta they have buffalo Denver and chargers. I think they are good defenses and I honestly don’t trust any Tennessee players. As the Barkley owner I personally will not trade him unless I can get cmc, kamara, zeek or Gordon. I would do it for Hopkins and Julio as well. You weren’t able to get gallman?