Traded for TY Gilly and Mariota after Aaron Rodgers injury

So I just lost aaron rodgers this week and ive been struggling at WR, so here is my team pre trade and who i traded

Aaron rodgers
Freeman, Kareem hunt, CJA, Forte, Mcfadden, Mack
Amari Cooper, Diggs, John Brown, Crowder, Corey Davis

I Traded CJA, Forte, John Brown, and Corey Davis for Mariota, TY Hilton, and Mike Gillislee…

How do you think I came out? I would love to hear opinions

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I believe you came out great just because you traded 1 for sure starter and got back 3 mid-range/for sure starters in return.

Hopefully it pays off, it hurt losing rodgers… Started 4-0 and have dropped 2 straight

I like the trade. It leaves you a little bit iffy at WR for the moment, but things look bright if Diggs returns soon, Cooper gets untracked and Hilton gets Luck back to throw to him. You are strong at RB still and probably couldn’t start CJA or Forte most weeks anyway. I like it.

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I had been starting CJA at flex but I had to make a move at WR and just crossing my fingers that cooper turns it around!!

Cross your fingers that Elliott gets his suspension so that McFadden’s value goes up. Right now I think there’s a little too much assumption that Elliott will be out, but from what I’ve heard it’s not certain at all. I think we should hear something soon.

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Ive had him on my bench sine week 2 just waiting to hear some news but if it does then that will put me in good shape for the next 6 weeks (if he can put up decent numbers)