Traded fornette and obj

I did a trade in my standard league
I traded fornette and obj
Christian McCaffery
I also have T.J. Yeldon, devonta Adams Chris Carson Royce Freeman and Kerryon Johnson
I’m tired of having fornette and dealing with that and obj is gonna have a down year I feel like I got a top 5 player for the whole year

I would say that is a lot to give up for CMC though he is 1. acutally playing and 2. stays on the sidelines until the half is over.

I too had Fournette and traded him straight up for Ingram in week 3. I suspect his hamstring issue will linger the entire season.

Yeah I agree, it was hard but now that it’s done and obj put up another dud last night I think it’s gonna help my team

Yup. He’ll continue to get fed and have good games but he has a terrible QB and coaching is clearing focusing on getting Barkley the ball.

Damn. That’s a lot to give up for CMC in a standard league. In a half or full PPR, could maybe see it but still pretty exp given you have Yeldon.

Hope it works out for you.