Traded Gurley for Bell, tell me I did the right thing

I traded Gurley for Bell straight up. The owner of Bell needed a win to stay in the playoff hunt and Bell was on a bye. I’m currently in 1st place and am looking to prep for playoffs.
In my matchup this week the score is Currently me:114.38 vs him:114.14 and still has Golden Tate to play.
If I would have had Gurley I would have won. So I pretty much traded Gurley + a win for Bell. Was it the right call?

12 man Standard scoring
My team is
QB: Russell Wilson
RB: Bell, Kamara, D. Murray, T. Coleman, A. Morris
WR: Baldwin, Hopkins, P. Richardson, Hogan
TE: Gronk, Engram

I would’ve kept Gurley honestly. Bell is good but Gurley is killing it along with this rejuvenated Rams offense. Can’t go wrong with either though as both are involved in the offense at all times.

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Enjoy your championship lol. Gurley has a lot more challenging end of season (playoff time) schedule then Bell.

I’m with you. Everyone’s hating on Gurley this year and then wondering why he’s owning. He’s just good this year. Bells meh IMO compared to gurley.

I think Bell is more useful If we’re talking ROS as of now.

I think you did good. Gurley’s a solid RB, but I still have Bell as the number 1. The volume speaks for itself and he gets it done. Also, as mentioned, you can’t forget about Gurley’s schedule. I think you did the right thing

Looking at schedules though everyone has been saying that about Gurley. He’s put up solid points in every matchup but 1 against the Hawks which no one was overly concerned with. He has 10 TDs this season already and over 100+ yards in all but 2 games. Dude is Better than most give him credit for. Either way though, it’s not a bad trade and you can’t go wrong with either like I said. I’m a little biased as a Rams fan too haha.

Seems pretty divided. I love Gurley, he won me a bunch of games. Like a few have said his rest of season schedule looks a lot softer. I consider them equals as players. After that I look at their opponents. I guess I just have sellers remorse, and it cost me a game. The grass is always greener on the other side. Only time will tell if it was the right choice.

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