Traded Half My Team

Made two big trades this week:

  1. Gave Doug Martin, Frank Gore, Oakland D for Marshawn Lynch, Buck Allen, Pittsburgh D

  2. Gave Michael Crabtree, CJ Anderson, Matt Ryan for Devante Parker, Kareem Hunt, Dak Prescott

Full PPR, but receiving yards are worth half of rushing yards. Thoughts?

I should note, my remainders are Demaryius, TY Hilton, Tarik Cohen, and David Johnson

Honestly I like the moves you made. I think overall, you definitely improved your team. Lynch is solid. Oakland D has been slightly overrated and Pit D is legit. Hunt is an upgrade over both Martin and CJ. Not bad.

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I agree on #1 trade, but on the 2nd would have tried to replace Hilton with Crabtree…maybe you did. Either way looks good.

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Thanks! I tried to offer Thomas and Hilton, but he wouldn’t take it. Initially asked for LeVeon instead of Hunt too, but he’s a Steelers fan, so that didn’t work out either. Hunt alone seems like a win for now.

I like the studs you have acquired. I think you did good

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