Traded help Asap

I have 3 players on bye ans im trying to avoid taking an L this week since I am 4-3. I was offered
Kamara and Doug Baldwin for Zeke and Kennan Allen

My team:
RB: zeke, McCoy, Ito Smith, Thompson, ivory, rod smith,
WR: AB, Keenan Allen, Cooks, Willie Snead, trequan Smith

Thoughts everyone? Standard league

@MikeMeUpp love your feedback thanks man

I would personally take this trade. Big Kamara fan though.

I wouldn’t do it…Zeke will have better days ahead (hopefully Cooper opens up the lanes for him) and Kennan Allen, although underwhelming thus far, will eventually break out of his slump.

You just won’t have the production from Kamara going forward like the beginning of the season.

That’s very fair. I’m just concerned more about the bye week and having zeke and Allen on bye

Is this ppr?

Standard league sorry

Considering you need a win this week it’s certainly not a bad offer, but you can get more.

This guy’s trying to unload the Baldwin headache on you for a buy-low WR upgrade, which is fine because Baldwin’s actually somewhat healthy now, but I wouldn’t accept it unless he gives up one more decent piece. Otherwise he’s getting a slight upgrade at each position. Do you trust Baldwin to be your every week WR 1 or 2 for the rest of the year? I sure don’t, and I bet he doesn’t either. Try to get one more trustworthy player out of this, and if you have to throw in Ivory/Snead to balance it out then that’s not a huge issue

His team is as follows:
Kamara, KJ, dion Lewis, Smallwood
Diggs, Baldwin, Larry fitz

Thoughts on anything I could do?

Pretty even trade tbh. You get a free week of production out of Kamara with Zeke on bye and I prefer Kamara to zeke. He’s getting more thna enough red zone work to make it worth your while, even in standard formats. ANd it’s not like Zeke is lighting the world on fire either.

I think the cooper coming in offers another sell high opportunity for zeke tbh. The struggles with Dallas isn’t just cause they lack WR talent, its cause Dak is trash. Even if they get Cooper, teams will still continue stacking the box until Dak proves he is capable of making the right reads and throws downfield, which he has proven incapable of doing.

Obviously I prefer Allen to Baldwin by a pretty wide margin but if you roll with the assumption that baldwin is healthy enough to play ROS, he has been getting increased work in the offense and should take over as lead over Lockett for ROS. And SEA upcoming schedule actually dictates they will need to likely pass more to be competitive which will provide more opportunities for Baldwin. One thing you may miss out on is the late season explosion of Allen but having Kamara in the interim should more than make up for that tbh.

If you could somehow swing Diggs in place of baldwin, that would be preferred though.

Thanks I really appreciate it! He offered to add Larry fist. Thoughts?

Also if I added in ito smith he would add Diggs. Should I do that? Thanks !!

I would definitely do this. I think the DIggs to Allen tradeoff is smaller. They both have very similar ceilings. Allen arguably a better floor.

And then you get Kamara over Zeke.

He said no to adding Ito smith and Diggs. He will throw in Larry to the original trade. Thoughts on this? He is tough to work with and is stubborn on keeping Diggs. Baldwin is just a flex option for me so he won’t be an every week play


The guy just said he won’t do the trade now until next week. Should I still do it even though I’ll have zeke and Allen back? I’m thinking no

That’s fine too. You get another data point on Baldwin while Allen is on Bye. Like I said, it’s a pretty even exchange, not like such a good deal you need to and must do it now or anything like that.

Yeah I’d accept that. Fitz isn’t really a major trade piece by any means but as a throw in on a deal that was pretty even anyway? You could do worse than gambling on Fitz’s talent. Plus you’ll have the rod Smith spot available with Zeke out of town. I’d make one more push for diggs because it’s tough to sell low on Keenan Allen (adding Ito would be awesome if he changes his mind) but if he’s set in his ways the deal is there to accept.

Because it’s a standard league I would not. Zeke and Allen are a better duo than Kamara and Baldwin. If it were PPR I would be more hesitant.