Traded James Conner for Chris Thompson - Full PPR

RB on roster:
J Mixon
R Freeman
L Miller
R Burkhead
D Lewis
S Michel

People so high on James Conner now, idk if I jumped the gun.

Yea, I’d have held out for more. I’m also not that high in Thompson.

i would be ok with this, but like he said, you can get more. especially if you wait till week 2 and bell still isnt there. the price for connor will go way up.

I guess I just assumed Bell would show up. :weary::weary::weary:

i like it a lot, theresa possibility bell is back tomorrow and that automatically renders conner useless unless he gets hurt, thompson has no competition out of the backfield for catches, great move imo

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Yeah, its starting to look like he wont be back for a while. Doesnt mean he wont be back soon. Or tomorrow, Monday. Just a little risk reward advice is all. If you hold off, you might get more. Or you might get nothing. I’m just waiting for more myself.

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It’s all in the fun of FFB :clap:t3: