Traded James Connor

I traded James Conner and Smallwood for Hyde and Aaron jones. I made this trade with the guy I am playing this week knowing I will probably lose. I am up 1 pt he has jimmy gram left .so I lost, but Hyde has a great schedule coming up and Conner could be done this week. Did I win this trade?

I think so, the only thing is that I think you could have traded him a week earlier and gotten more out of him maybe. With that said you got 2 solid players for what could be 2 backs that don’t get many touches

I’m in the camp that you shouldn’t trade james conner because he’s a league winning asset when he’s starting so I don’t love the move. You got two solid RB depth guys but neither of them are all that reliable. If Conner has minimal value for the rest of the year you essentially just traded a win for yearlong RB stability which isn’t too bad, but there’s a lot of risk in that move. I wouldn’t have done it

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Conner situation is so hard. He’s an RB1 that we don’t know how long he will remain that? I don’t like having uncertainty. I’ll take guys like Kerryon where even if it’s a timeshare, at least we know. Conner could be an RB1 ROS, he could be in a timeshare when and if Bell returns or he could be unstartable. I crawled back into it after starting 0-4 and now I’m 2-4. I’m looking to get a clear weekly starter and for me, it’s time to move him if someone is willing to take on the his situation.

I like it, but I think it would’ve been more effective for your situation if you had tried to do a 2 for 1 and truly upgraded the position for the rest of the year. Overall though I think you’ll still come out on top, but it could end up being too little too late