Traded jones

i traded julio dj and blount for evans howard and kohen thoughts? i

Decent trade. More in favor of you than him I think, but barely. Julio and Evans are pretty interchangeable. DJ may not even play again this season depending on if the Cardinals are in any playoff contention and Blount could be good or bad. You get the entire Bears backfield, only problem is typically only one or the other is going to go off, most likely Howard in most cases. No a bad trade, but not necessarily a good one. You definitely got more “right now” players

thats what i was going for dj injured then traded gronk to get montgomery and blount monty injury and had kelly injury im 2-3 with a close loss and two blow out only scored 40 points week 3 but 110 and 1120 in week 2 and 4 its been a stuggle so need the wins now! the guy i traded to is 0-5 so if dj does come back shouldnt hurt me right lol and only got kohen for handcuff howard shoulder was bugging him