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Traded Jordy/Peterson/Cohen for Gurley


After losing Dalvin Cook, and effectively Ty Montgomery in week 4 (might as well have lost Ty, now that Jones has all but taken over), I picked up Mckinnon and Peterson. Thought I had a gift handed to me with Peterson gong to Arizona, only to have the Palmer injury most likely wreck Peterson’s value - and a similar story with Jordy via the Rogers injury.

I just managed to trade Jordy (bye), Peterson (bye), and Cohen (on my bench) for Todd Gurley (bye).

Some may think I paid a kings ransom, but I am very confident Jordy and Peterson will be effectively worthless, and Cohen has been a bench-warmer for me the entire season. I think I got lucky to get the #1 RB in the league. It’s a 12 man (6 to the playoffs) league and I’m in last place, but I’m only 1 loss away from 5th place. Hoping this one turns me around! Just had to vent my dismal luck!


Wow you got a steal my friend… Nice work


What a steal!

Jordy will not be as strong with no AR to throw to him. Also Cohen and AP are irrelevant now that you have Gurley.

Great trade.


Wow did you take him out to dinner after this trade? lol


Is everyone in your league 5 yrs old.

You just received a great RB for a bunch of question marks at best.



@Jchi1 Haha, the guy is actually pretty good. He’s nearly won our league for 3 years in a row now (almost… because I beat him two out of those three), but this was an idiotic move on his part.

To his credit, he did make me call him daddy before he would accept it. I happily obliged.


Sometimes you have to do despicable things to win, but a W is a W am i right? lol