Traded Josh Jacobs

Did I make a good Trade? (14 team league, and everyone drafted 2 TEs and I punted the position.

I traded with a packers fan

I traded Josh Jacobs and MVS
Devin Singletary (love his upside for rest of the year)
Chris Godwin (love his floor, will produce big time if Jameis has decent game)
Mark Andrews (love having the #1 target and best friend for Lamar)

I think it’s a pretty even trade. I personally think Jacobs won’t be nearly as good as he was last week, the game script worked perfectly, but the Raiders will be playing from behind a lot so he’s not usually going to get 20+ carries. I think you got a pretty good haul for him.

I have Jacobs as well was offered

Keenan Allen
Devin Singletary

Probly going to accept