Traded my future for a title

So I traded my first two picks of this years upcoming redraft to push a playoff team to a 2017 champion. With a trophy and quite a bit of extra cash in my pocket, I now need to figure out what kind of strategy I need to take for next season. Do I maintain a sound strategy of drafting consistent high baseline players for my first two picks (30,31) or swing for the fences and go for some high risk high reward guys? Full point ppr.

That is tough. But at picks 30 and 31 you’ll have to strike gold on some solid RBs and WRs. “Stay water” and go for the solid performers. Your swing for the fences need to be in the later rounds.

At 30 and 31 you could have a potential RB1 in play (Joe Mixon, Rashaad Penny) as well as some solid WRs (Adam Thielen, Allen Robinson, Larry Fitzgerald, Tyreek Hill)

With your first 2 picks out, you need to punt QB and TE until later. It makes getting solid RB and WRs even more important