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Traded picks


Hal LaPointe
Aug 3
Hal in anchorage,AK

Got a question: My leagues trades picks… I traded my two first rounds picks now I have 11 picks before pick 78… would you take a lot of high-risk, high reward??? Shoud I take QB high level QBs for trade bait later? Or still got with QBs late and fill up my whole bench before 78??


I was in a similar position in 2012 and my strategy was to draft a couple high risk, high reward players and reliable players for the other spots. This is in line with my general draft strategy of focusing on consistent players for the bulk of my team.

With the exception of a player like Tom Brady, whose suspension last year depressed his draft stock, I always wait until I’ve filled my bench with players before selecting a quarterback. With the NFL rules as they are, there are so many quarterbacks that score enough to be a solid starter that I find it unwise to take one if you can take a running back or wide receiver who might separate themselves from the pack more easily than a quarterback can.