Traded Todd Gurley :/

PPR dynasty, 10 team 15 man roster qb 2rb 2wr te 2 flex k def.

Traded Gurley and tyreek for Antonio Brown Mark Ingram Jarvis Landry pick 3.10 4.01 (in rookie/supplemental draft) and a 2019 1st. I had to do it right? Or did I just get had?

Not a terrible trade but I wouldn’t have done it because if the age gap.

If you’re strong at RB and weak at WR, then I guess it makes since. I really do love Hill. But I’m probably a seller on Brown this year, not a buyer.

I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either.

I would’ve taken the youth there. You got a great haul and are a good “win now” candidate. But you essentially broke even.