Tradehelp please

Do this trade Carlos Hyde for John brown? I’ve got Gurley, Michel, Peterson, A.Jones, Duke. Need some we help? PPR

That’s a no brainer. I would’ve done that last week before hyde got traded. Now that he got traded, it’s a straight rip off.

Good luck trying to convince a brown owner of that trade though lol.

Hey if he’s still willing to make that trade I’d take it in a second. Hyde’s value is as big a question mark as there is in football right now, and it’s not like he’s going to have a big ceiling or anything with the Jags offense stinking, Yeldon’s breakout season, AND Fournette returning soon. I’m not sure Hyde has any value for the rest of the season, and Brown is a pretty good receiver that you can trust to start. Do it man.

(If he starts to get cold feet just play up Hyde’s “valuable goal line work” and Brown’s “low reception count” and maybe he’ll change his mind. If things get real desperate start making up stats about how Cody Kessler runs a more effective offense than Bortles or something. Whatever it takes to get it done.)

Maybe paint the picture that Fournette might be shut down for the year. Its a long shot but owners are hurting for RB.

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