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Trader's remorse? Maybe


I made a good trade in my league but a lot of the other owners are saying I took advantage of the guy. 1/2ppr I traded Hilton & Cohen for Freeman. My defense is that’s it’s not really lopsided and the we’ve all been in this league for 6 years, no one’s a noobie. Do the other owners have a legitimate gripe?


Who cares? Frankly, the other owners are being more than a bit patronizing to your trade partner. I think you got the better end of the deal, but clearly he doesn’t.


I do care but I don’t at the same time. It made both teams better. A few of the guys love to whine though.


Who cares what they think… Your team Your moves… let them complain and run their own teams…


If i were the other guy, I’d be pretty offended, to be honest.


What a pro. Three ways to get value in trades…1) buy low, sell high 2) roster reconstruction but give up same value 3) Prey on the weak