Trades before the deadline

Ok we are in a 16 man standard league I’ve got a pretty solid team other than my rb2 which I’m looking to upgrade. My team is 5-4 and I sit in 4th. My roster is Qb mariota, brissett rb gurley, drake, Henry, Morris, wr juilo, dez, funchess, te graham def rams, steelers. It’s hard to get teams to trade with me without them trying to completely rip me off. For example I asked what a guy wanted for hunt he said gurley, graham for hunt and Baldwin, hunts been down and with drake having a decent game as well as funchess I’m thinking of offering funchess, drake and maybe Allen if he’ll give up hunt and ginn am I giving up to much. He also just got mike Evans who is now suspended so he’s gonna be short at wr