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Trades for AB or DJ


Trading the 8th overall and 21st overall and isaiah crowell as my keeper in the ninth round and my 6th round pick
3RD overall so either DJ or AB the 26th overall pick and a 12th round pick and an 11th round pick


No way. I would maybe start to consider this trade if you could guarantee yourself DJ but to give all that away just to get AB is not worth it. I’m not sure how your keepers work but assuming most of the 1st rounders are available (since AB and DJ are), at 8th overall you can still get Mike Evans, Jordy, Julio (maybe but probably not). To me you would be giving up all that in order to go from Jordy to AB and that is not a big enough upgrade to warrant that type of trade. Same goes for if you were to land Mccoy. I know DJ is a stud but the upgrade from McCoy to DJ isn’t worth all that.