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Trades for hunt


Regular full point league
got a trade I would receive dalvin cookm c. Davis And d parker for
and T gabriel
What are your thoughts?


I have Hunt also, personally I wouldn’t take this deal. Hunt and Kupp are key parts of their offenses. I think Kupp finishes higher than Davis, I was not a believer in Cupp until this weekend, Colts taken into account he looked like a safe play. I think Parker finishes above Gabriel, but I let other people draft Parker in my league. I snagged Kenny Stills later. Parker gets hyped up every year, I picked him up a couple years ago and he was great, until he got hurt. We also don’t know for sure who Cutler will target. Stills is only 25, Landry is not Cutler’s kind of receiver but he’s more than good enough to get targets.

I don’t see Parker or Davis as deal breakers. To me it looks more like Hunt for Cook straight up. Season long who knows which player will be the top back. They both have similar schedule toughness. But we all saw Hunt tear up the Pats in Foxborough. Cook had a great game too, but at home against the Saints.

Hope this helps you out, good luck.