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Trades i wanna make


I would like to go for TY Montgomery and AJ Green, what do you think I should offer for each one?

my team:
QB: Mariota
RB: McCaffrey
RB: Hunt
WR: M. Thomas
WR: Baldwin
WR: Pryor
TE: Reed
D: Ravens
K: Lutz

BE: David Johnson ):
BE: Howard
BE: Jeffrey
BE: Tate
BE: Thielen
BE: Cohen
BE: Kupp


bump. any suggestions? if i cant trade Kupp im going drop him and pick up JJ nelson


After Montgomery’s performance yesterday, it would be hard to get him. Green would be easier. Try to package Pryor or Baldwin with Jeffery or someone else. That is what I would do

Also, Im trying to trade for Montgomery but now I feel it is impossible


yea but the montgomery owner is new so i feel like i can get him for howard and Pryor. Yea idk about AJ doe because Dolton just looks bad, and i liked Jeffrey yesterday plus i have trsut in Baldwin i just need that OL to get better.